Taunton Garden Physio and Rehab

About The Clinic

Setting new standards of excellence in hands on therapy!

Why Choose Taunton Garden Physio and Rehab?

We are a multidisciplinary clinic providing a wide range of specialty services including Registered Physiotherapy, Registered Massage Therapy, Medical Acupuncture, Virtual Physiotherapy, Pelvic Floor/Women’s Health Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Occupational/Hand Therapy, Orthotics/Bracing, Compression Socks.

Our exceptional Therapists work on the philosophy that every individual is unique and so are their needs. We provide comprehensive physio evaluations and make a customized treatment plan based on your needs and goals. We focus on patient-first approach, excellent customer service, and timely recovery. At Taunton Garden Physio and Rehab, our top priority is your satisfaction and optimal health.

We use most current evidence-based and comprehensive care model/approach. Our Therapists have extensive experience and specialized training in a variety of clinical areas such as Orthopedics, Post Surgical Rehab, Sports Therapy, Manual Therapy, Neurological Rehab, Soft Tissue Injury Rehab, MVA/WSIB Rehab, Exercise Therapy, Pregnancy and Post Partum Rehab, Rehab for Incontinence and Prolapse etc. They have worked closely with many Family Physicians and specialty doctors – orthopedics, OB/GYN and have gained many years of valuable experience

Our Mission

Is to provide you with the highest level of care in a respectful and comfortable setting, inspiring you to achieve your full health and fitness potential through our unique, evidence based and advanced clinical skills and knowledge.

Our Philosophy and Core Beliefs

  • Every individual is unique and so are their needs. We implement individualized treatment plans based on your personal goals. We don’t believe in cookie cutter methods of conventional physiotherapy.
  • We believe that a successful Therapist – client relationship is client centered and is based on effective communication, good listening skills, empathy and trust.
  • We hold a high priority to find the cause of your pain and to educate you on the cause of your problems and provided you with strategies to manage them.
  • Knowledge is power – our staff is continually learning through courses, continuing education, certifications, research reviews to improve their knowledge and stay most up to date to provide the best treatment to you.
  • At Taunton Garden Physiotherapy and Rehab we ensure that we treat everyone with dignity and respect. We respect your values, preference and expressed needs. We encourage and support decision making by you and your loved ones. We promote collaboration of your care plan with your family physician and other healthcare professionals involved in your care as per your wishes.

Meet the Team

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