Taunton Garden Physio and Rehab

Virtual Physiotherapy

We have a very easy to use, user friendly and proficient online therapy platform that allows you to connect with our highly skilled Physiotherapists at the comfort of your own home or office. Our virtual Physiotherapy services are covered by extended health insurance, WSIB and MVA insurances.

All of our physiotherapy sessions are conducted over video call. This is with the intent of delivering high quality health care services to anyone with internet connection.

Our virtual Physiotherapy services include:

  • All Physiotherapy assessments and treatments
  • Pelvic Health/ women’s health Physiotherapy
  • Assessment and treatment of Pregnancy related conditions
  • GLA:D assessment and treatment for hip and knee arthritis
  • Pfilates Program and classes for pelvic floor disorders
  • Home/ office and ergonomic assessments
  • Exercise Therapy for various musculoskeletal disorders
  • Measurements for compression socks

and much more

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